Psychocalisthenics – EL205Z

Psychocalisthenics EL205Z (15 hours, 1.25 units)

Oscar Ichazo’s Psychocalisthenics presented specifically for the bodyworker. Psychocalisthenics is a series of 23 movement/breathing exercises that awaken every muscle group in the body. They take 17 minutes to perform, giving you extra energy, mental focus, and physical awareness. The exercises combine familiar asanas from Hatha Yoga as well as western Calisthenics, to create a dynamic and enjoyable daily exercise routine This 8 session two hour class combines periods of seated meditation, guided relaxation, focused breathing, stretching, centered movement exercises from Martial Arts, Tai Chi and Arica Institute, plus learning the entire Psychocalisthenics series. To view a video of the exercises,

Path of Study: None (Movement)

Prerequisite: None