Somato-Emotional Integration

The intention of the Somato-Emotional Integration specialization is to train therapists to unify the often disconnected energies of the physical, emotional, and intellectual body centers. Students learn to utilize bodywork techniques that reduce soft tissue dysfunction and imbalance for this purpose, including deep tissue/passive joint movement blends, structural integration, sensory repatterning, and strain/counterstrain. Development of Tai Chi principles, empathetic touch, breath, and movement mobilization enhances students’ technique effectiveness. Instruction emphasizes enhancing the students’ ability to interact verbally with her/his client by using active body dialogue, visualization and expressive movements. Students also practice objective and intuitive observation and assessment of clients’ needs. As students apply these techniques and theories, they develop an attitude of non-judgmental, noninvasive, loving embrace of the individual client.

The Somato-Emotional Integration course of study will prepare massage therapists to practice in many settings, equipped with techniques specific for both psychological and physical problems. This path provides preparation for those interested in working in Western medical model practices, Holistic Health Centers, Recovery Programs and in private practice.

Specialization Certificate in Somato-Emotional Integration Course Requirements:

150 Clock Hours
Prerequisite: Students must meet all general admission requirements and any prerequisites for any course in this specialization.

Course Title (required courses)
Elective Pool – 30hrs 2.50 30
Research: Case Report 2.50 30
Rhythmic Deep Tissue Blends 2.50 30
Somato-Emotional Integration I 2.50 30
Somato-Emotional Integration II 2.50 30
Total Units/Hours
Course Title (elective pool 1)
Communication II – choose 1 of 4 1.25 15
Craniosacral Therapy I 2.50 30
Feldenkrais 1.25 15
Jin Shi Acutouch – Healing the Spirit 1.25 15
Neuromuscular Therapy – Introduction 2.50 30
Sensory Repatterning II 2.50 30
Taijiquan I 1.25 15
Way of the Healer – Introduction to Relational Somatics 2.50 30
Yoga – Hatha 1.25 15

Specific class dates and hours for Somato-Emotional Integration are listed in each Quarterly Schedule as well as on our Course Schedules page.